Why Your Business Needs Brand Photography to Be Successful

Although many people think branding equates to just a logo and a few colors, a brand includes way more than that. A brand is how the outside world perceives your business. Simply put, it’s what people say about your business when you’re not in the room. Your brand should speak for itself and can be successful in doing so by having a cohesive identity, photography, supportive branding materials, and a clear strategy that keeps your brand “on brand.”

So, what is brand photography exactly?

Brand Photography is one of the underrated, yet very important aspects of a personal or small business. As a small business, being the face of your brand can have a major impact on how you’re perceived by potential and current clients. Without brand photography, you could be seen as “just another business,” and miss support. 

Brand photography is the set of professionally taken and edited photos that encapsulate and represent the visual aspect of your business. 

Why is Brand Photography important?

Brand photography makes you more relatable.

86% of clients prefer an authentic and honest brand presence.
Brand photography allows you to add a human touch to your business (and I’m not talking about those overused stock photos you’ve been using.) By taking photos that capture you in your natural environment, clients get to see the real you. One of the many mistakes I see business owners make when taking brand photos is that they try to fake the funk by overdoing their appearance, background, and even poses.

It may seem like a good idea, but it can be seen right through and comes off as dishonest. Instead, opt for a photo shoot that shows your true, natural style.

Brand photography helps keep you consistent.

Consistency is key in business. It takes between 5-7 impressions to even start creating awareness, so you are doing yourself a favor by being consistent with your brand photography. By using the images you’ve taken in a consistent manner and incorporating them into your brand materials such as email signatures, Linkedin headshots, etc., it helps increase your visibility by helping you become recognizable and notable (& did I mention trustworthy?) 

Keeping consistency in mind is almost guaranteed to boost your sales, too. Businesses that brand consistently are 3.5 times more likely to get strong brand visibility than inconsistent brands. 

Brand photography captures attention.

Across social channels, photo and imagery posts are the most-used content type to increase audience engagement. On social media platforms like Instagram, everyone’s feeds are full of pictures of people, food, pets, travel, etc. You need to have captivating images that’ll make your audience stop scrolling to read and engage with your post by liking, commenting, and sharing your content. People are more likely to stop and read your caption on a professional photo of you versus some dull graphic.

By using your brand’s colors and communicating the tone/mood of how you want your business to be interpreted by your audience, brand photography can elevate your business and make you stand out from the rest.

You shouldn’t limit yourself to just boring headshots, though. Instead, here are some other ideas:

Workspace shots – think you in action, typing on your desktop computer, or faking a phone call with a client.

Off guard, but smiling – you know the signature “holding the coffee cup with my head at an angle while I laugh” pose. Every female entrepreneur I know has one.

Shots of props and devices that you use – show off your cute laptop stickers or your Yeti Mic that you use to record podcasts.

How to use your brand photography in your branding:

Once you receive your images back from your photographer, it can be easy to want to show off all of your photos at once by posting meaningless content to your feed just to say “look at my new brand photos!” Don’t do that! 

Instead, use the images for different purposes:

  • Create an email signature incorporating your new headshot.
  • Remove the background from a few images and incorporate them into the plain-text graphics that you post on social media. See an example here.
  • Change your profile picture on each platform that you use for business.
  • Update your media kit to have approved headshots that others can use if you speak on their platforms as a guest.
  • Incorporate your photos in your lead magnet to introduce yourself to email subscribers.

There are endless ways to utilize your brand photography. How do you use brand photography in your business? Comment down below and share this article with your network to educate them on the benefits of brand photography!

(Source: HubSpot)

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