Who to Hire When Working with a Brand Designer

One of the things that I deal with when working with clients is that some of them think that working with a brand designer is a one-solution-fixes-all type situation.

It’s not.

Truth is, you’ll need to make several different investments to position you and your brand for long-term success.

Before working with a brand designer, you may consider working with a:

  • Brand Strategist to help you define your ideal client and identify the emotions you want your brand to convey.
  • Trademark Attorney to guide you in ensuring your business name is available, file your trademarks, & monitor the process of the application.
  • Business Coach to guide you in running a business by helping clarify the vision of their business and how it fits in with your personal goals.

While working with a brand designer, you may consider also working with a:

  • Copywriter to create messaging that clearly articulates your business & services/products, attracts your leads, and converts more sales.
  • Brand Photographer to capture and edit photos that encapsulate and represent the visual aspect of your business.
  • Social Media Marketer to help you understand & plan the type of content to post on specific platforms to attract your ideal clients & make the sale.

After working with a brand designer, you may consider working with a:

  • Systems & automation expert to help you streamline & automate the time-consuming and repetitive tasks in your business.
  • Web Designer to create and design the layout of your website and optimizes it for fast loading times, searchability, and ease of use.
  • Content Designer to create long-term graphics based on the marketing plan determined by you & your social media marketer.

It’s worth noting that many brand designers (*cough* me) are multifaceted and serve as strategists, web designers, and content designers as well – which is why you tend to see a hefty price investment because they aren’t just creating a brand identity for your brand, they’re bringing the whole transformation!

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