virtual design intensive

An entire working day committed to you and your business. No distractions. No wait.

You've been plotting your launch strategy for months,

and now that it’s time to bring it to life, you’re having a hard time waiting another 2+ months for an entire branding process. 

“I need to get this out there sooner than later!” Sounding familiar?

What if, instead, you could have strategic, refreshing, & updated branding materials to attract your dream clients & reflect your high-quality expertise within a day (or two?)

You're a busy bee who needs a new (or upgraded) brand presence.

Unfortunately, you don’t have the design skill to DIY your brand nor the time to wait for a full-length transformation.

& let’s be honest – DIY templated logo you got from Canva/Etsy/Creative Market was cute at first… until you realized that it wasn’t effective for your brand (& you started seeing so many others with the same logo!)

Because of this, you’re stuck in a constant cycle of having to continue to use the branding that you’ve outgrown. It’s costing you clients and money.

That’s not impressive, & you’re impressive.

Let’s fix it.

A day dedicated to you.

An entire working day committed to developing a brand new identity, supporting brand collateral, or a landing page or sales page for your business. 

At the end of your VIP day, you’ll receive your deliverables and an instant feeling of peace & satisfaction knowing that your brand’s visual components are built with a focus on making the sale & building your trust with your tribe. And guess what – no more DIY for you 😉.

Your VIP Day can go 1 of 3 ways:

You may need some updated brand identity to represent your brand, a new sales page for your offer, or maybe you simply need some design tasks checked off your to-do list. Either way, we’re here for you.

Brand Identity & Supporting Materials

After your VIP Day with a brand identity focus, you’ll receive a new brand identity suite, supporting marketing collateral and a brand guide, along with training on how to utilize each deliverable.


Landing or Sales Page

We’ll turn your website visitors into leads who can’t turn away with a design centered around building a foundational site with you, your offer, and your expertise at the forefront. You can choose between a landing page or a sales page buildout.


Marketing Collateral

Do you dread going to create all your graphics from scratch every. single. time? During this VIP Day, we’ll build out a number of customized templates for you to use in your brand long-term. Examples include: Instagram feed/story templates, Podcast Episode templates, Course graphics, etc.


Your VIP Day Timeline:

  • 5 Weeks Before Your Day
  • 3 Weeks Before Your VIP Day
  • During Your VIP Day(s)

Once you're accepted for a VIP Day, pay your deposit & sign your contract to secure your VIP Day, we'll schedule your kickoff call, and complete your Pre-VIP brand work.

Booking 4-6 weeks ahead of time allows you time to complete your brand work & prepare necessary materials for your day (copy, brand photography, set up your systems & automations, etc.)

We'll have an hour kickoff call! During this call, we will review your Pre-VIP Brand Work and discuss your dream clients, brand goals, services, etc.

During this call, you can share all your wants and needs of your new brand and we'll go over the flow of your VIP Day.

If you have a website focus, I will also begin the wireframing for your VIP Day during these weeks.

I'll spend my entire working day toward developing a brand new identity or web page for your business. You'll be on standby for feedback & collaboration if need be, and we'll check in during the day via your client portal.

At the end of the day, your deliverables will be sent over and you'll receive an instant feeling of happiness knowing that your new identity the bomb (& your clients will think so too!)

With all VIP Days, You'll Receive:

the details

The Brand Design & Marketing Collateral VIP Day is $2,000, and the Web Design VIP Day is $3,000.

Brand Identity & Marketing Collateral VIP Days are completed in one day. Web VIP Days are completed in 1-3 days, depending on the extent of the site.

My clients’ websites are built based on the needs of the client. With that in mind, websites may be built using Wix, Showit, or WordPress using the Elementor Plugin.

We do not offer variations of this offer.

(For web design) Brand photography and web copy must be provided before the VIP Day takes place. Failure to provide these items will result in a rescheduling of the client’s VIP Day. Clients will be provided with a DIY web copy guide and a brand shoot guide, however, if requested, we can provide copywriter and photographer recommendations.

After the VIP Day, you will receive 30 days of support. This support is to discuss any questions or concerns about work completed during the VIP Day. This support does not include additional design revisions that exceed what was completed during the VIP Day. If additional work is needed, you’ll have the option to book an additional half-or full-day intensive or a retainer.