Atiya Mahoney

Influencer & Social Media Strategist

"Kiara put the 'WOW' part into my business... I’ve had 11 inquiries, and just based on our launch results, people were loving the website! I’m now confident about the brand that we created together.”
Atiya Mahoney
Influencer & Social Media Strategist

The Challenge

Atiya is a content creator with over 250K YouTube subscribers. If you’ve seen any of her content online, you were more than likely captivated by her editing styles, her personality, and/or her beautiful smile!

Atiya came to me searching for some assistance with her new brand, The Content Breakdown: a content strategy and social media hub for content creators all alike.

The Solution

Over the past months, we worked closely to ensure a successful launch with The Illumination Method – a 12-week fully immersive transformation to increase brand awareness, showcase your attraction factor, and amplify your authority.

The data checks in, and it was a beyond successful launch ✅.

The Deliverables


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