Pageant Relations

owner of pageant relations

"Kiara elevated my company and we instantly noticed an increase in clientele, followers, and social media traffic!"
Ardelle Dickerson
Pageant Consultant + USA National Miss

The Challenge

Ardelle came to me after her business, Pageant Relations, started to grow – resulting in an influx of overwhelming DMs due to no website & no cohesive brand identity. 

Ardelle also needed a directory of all her clients so that organizations could book them for appearances, and a private web page so that clients could easily access their client portal.

The Solution

Together, we developed a cohesive brand identity that reflected their target audience and a strategic website designed to inform interested pageant queens of the services of Pageant Relations, converting leads into clients.

We also developed a Queen Directory for organizations to learn more information about the titleholders & a private client portal page for clients to easily onboard.

The Deliverables