Different Types of Logos & Why Your Brand Needs Them

When I have people coming to me looking to have branding done, a lot of times they already have a branding mark. Yes, a branding mark. Not multiple. Just one.

That one logo you have does not equal your brand.

Take ten seconds and think of every popular brand you’ve ever encountered.

Okay, ten seconds up. How many logos do they have? No matter the brand, I’ll bet that your answer wasn’t one.

So why does your brand only have one logo? Okay, not talking to you specifically, but you know those brands. The ones that only has one logo and tries to make it work on everything, only to fall short and have their brand poorly represented.

Don’t let that be your brand.

Branding doesn’t start and stop with one logo.

Let’s go over the different types of logos that there are, how you can apply them to your brand, and why you need them. In this instance, I’ll be using our brand materials to help you apply the information.


1. Primary Logo



Your primary logo is the main identifier of your brand. More than likely to be seen on the header of the company’s website (mmhmm, scroll up and double-check!), it’s an easy identifier of the company and is the main branding icon of the brand.

2. Secondary Logo (Alternative Logo)



The secondary logo is the branding mark that you’ll likely see if the primary logo isn’t fit to be presented. It’s still easily identifiable, so you are still able to know what brand it is associated with.

Normally, the secondary logo is very similar to the primary logo, with a few things switched around composition wise. In reference to our secondary logo, we’ve added a piece from our submark logo (we’re covering that next, no worries!) and combined it with our primary logo.


3. Submark Logo (Watermark Logo)



The submark logo is personally one of my favorite types of branding identities. It allows for a little more creativity and outside-of-the-box thinking.

Submarks are the identifiers that you’ve probably seen on Instagram. Many of our clients use their submarks as their social media profiles photos, and while they aren’t always circular, they’re able to be fit within the dimensions of an Instagram/Twitter profile picture.


“So why can’t I just use my primary logo?”

Truth be told, if you use your primary logo for everything, it just won’t look good. For example, if we used our primary logo for our Instagram profile picture, you wouldn’t be able to read it clearly, as “natural boss” would be a bit small to read. Instead, using our submark shows the “NB” in a big enough size to be identified.

Having more than one branding mark adds versatility in your brand and allows you to switch it up every now and again, in case you’re feeling a different mood.

Hopefully, this post helped clear things up for you, especially if you’re using Natural Boss Branding to help you with your new branding for your business. If so, let us know by emailing us – kiara@naturalboss.com and let us know that it helped clear things up for you.

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