April Mason

Feminity Coach

"Kiara has the ability to not only hear, but to understand the end result you are seeking for your branding. Before working with her, I was having a hard time conveying the vision to other brand experts, but as a returning client, her work and ability to get it right the first time is God send."
April Mason
Femininity Coach

The Challenge

April came to me initially needing a website to house all her business ventures as a feminity coach.

She then came back to have me assist with the branding of her new venture, All Things Feminine Social Club. She needed a brand identity that was scalable and simple, all while giving off a feminine luxury aesthetic.

The Solution

Together, we developed a cohesive, scalable brand identity for her organization, All Things Feminine Social Club, that reflected her target audience of the feminine, luxury women. And developed a website, AprilMason.com that houses all her different business programs.

The Deliverables