You might be feeling invisible right now, but know that I see you.

The lack of an online presence, inconsistent brand identity, and no website is keeping you from being seen by the right people.

You’re tired of being overlooked, and you’re extremely ready to be seen as the IT girl. You’re ready to be seen as the go-to and be someone’s IG fave.

a little bit about me...

My strengths include mastering the cooking recipes I find on Pinterest and dissecting ideas to make people go “I never thought about it that way!” 

I’m an HBCU grad (Aggie Pride!).

I’m recently engaged and my tiny family consists of my fiancé, my Shih-Tzu, and myself!

I’m a pro at solving the puzzles on almost any game show, and most importantly, I’m a great brand designer. (Don’t take my word for it, check out my work for yourself!)

But really...

I love brand design because it allows me to help you show up as the best version of yourself while making money & getting dream opportunities.

You’re are able to confidently know that when you come to me, your brand will be taken to a new level and it not only allows you to be assured in your brand, but it also gives you the confidence out of this world. 

You’ll walk differently. Talk differently. Act differently. All because of the way your brand has been developed to capture who YOU are and who YOU want to serve. 

Once we work together, you no longer have to fake the funk. Your brand is truly a reflection of the new & improved version of yourself.