Strategic branding for service-based solopreneurs.

Helping overlooked female entrepreneurs grow their online visibility using strategic brand strategy + identity and web design.

do you find yourself asking:

Why am I being overlooked?

You’re feeling invisible in the digital space, and while you know that you have the skillset, the knowledge, and the experience – people are not seeing you as the expert that you know you are. Why though? 

it's probably because:

You're Invisible Online.

No one knows how good you are because you barely show them. Your lack of presence online is keeping your audience from finding you.

Your brand identity is confusing.

Your brand's inconsistent look is throwing off your potential lead and clients, and they're scrolling right past you online.

your website doesn't have any strategy.

Pretty websites don't make the conversions. Your website isn't optimized for the visitor journey. (that is...if you even have a website!)

Hiring a Branding Designer soon?

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I get it. I get you.

You dream of the day where you feel more confident to show off your business’s branding and can confidently post without the worry of your branding being ineffective (& quite frankly…ugly.)

You need to feel more seen as your authentic self and attract an audience that truly is interested in your brand, instead of having to be someone you’re not and having to keep up a facade as your brand grows in the *wrong* direction.

You really want to attract a tribe that you can call your own.

You want those Instagram followers who are going to have their post notifications on, comment “drag me, sis!” under every post you create, and be the first to invest in every service offering that you have.


stop dreaming. let's make it happen.

You can stop worrying about your branding and focus on your actual business.

Your business's strategy and identity need some major TLC, and I offer brand design & strategy. We obviously go together like peanut butter and jelly, mustard and ketchup, salt and pepper...(hungry yet?) I can help you elevate your brand in three different ways - all of which are strategy-led and developed with your dream client in mind.

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The Brand Plan

Investment – $750

A 90-minute intensive for those with starting and growing brands who want to have a clear understanding of who they serve, and are in need of a solid framework before growing their brand any further.


Design in a Day

Investment – $2000+

An 8-hour VIP day where you are the center of attention. For the busy woman who knows that she needs to level up her branding, but doesn’t have the design skill or time to wait for a full-length branding transformation.


The Illumination Method

Investment – $5000

A complete transformation for established female, service-based solopreneurs. Includes brand strategy, brand identity development, web design & content strategy – allowing you to amplify your authority and take you from overlooked to fully booked within 12 weeks.


hey there!

I’m Kiara, and I want to welcome you to my internet home! I’m so glad that you’re here, and if there’s anything that you need to know right now, it’s that you’re in the right place

I’m extremely passionate about taking people from one point and providing them the tools to elevate to that next milestone and produce results in the process.

When clients work with me, I get a lot of heart-eye emojis and ”I can’t believe it!” messages. 

No, it’s not magic, but it’s pretty close. With my fully immersive experience, I allow my clients to always be in-the-know. I can’t wait to work with you and have you involved in my branding process. 


Using my 4-part framework, we’ll take your brand from overlooked to fully booked within 12 weeks.

"Since working with Kiara, I recently had my first 5-figure monthly income. Your work opened doors to show the world what I had to offer."